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Boobs. Melons. Bazookas: here's a first-person story about an American single mother living in Switzerland. Director Kristen Vermilyea has large breasts, severe pains in neck and back; and balance issues. The decision for a reduction triggers many questions: what do big breasts mean and why are people so obsessed with their bodies. Joined by co-director Stéphane Correa, Kristen goes on a series of wacky and humorous adventures before going under the knife.

This film is not just about Kristen and her breasts. And it’s not just about having big breasts. It’s about the universal experience of being identified by a body part. Being objectified and sexualized. Being labelled. As an older woman already becoming increasingly invisible in the eyes of our youth-obsessed society, will Kristen be even more so when she no longer possesses the physical attributes with which she has been identified her entire adult life? And why do other people have such strong opinions about their and other people’s bodies? The film will take the audience on a personal and provocative journey that will leave them asking many questions.