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Our bodies have become battlefields of representation. Media, the fashion industry and misogyny are imposing beauty standards, especially onto the female body. As these standards continue to move farther and farther away from reality, this makes us all - women and men - unhappy. We are in a race of “enhancement” using all available means to gain in the battle against who we are and how we look; it’s a fight against aging too. The price is high and the results are merely illusions. In the end, we all lose. 

Why is that so? Was it always the case or is this a phenomenon of our times when images rule? Do we have a chance to escape this ideology of standardized beauty? This film is a provocative exploration of these questions. It concerns the author Kristen Vermilyea and it concerns all of us. THE WEIGHT OF BREASTS is a documentary about a filmmaker and about everyone. It is about her body – and her breasts in particular – and about a social body. It is about the weight of her breasts and the weight of images on our self-esteem. A film is about us.  

More concretely, the film documents Kristen’s journey as a middle-aged single mother, considering whether or not she should get a breast reduction due to her severe back and neck pain. As she begins to question what her breasts mean to her (and why so many people seem to be obsessed with breasts), she decide to take them on adventures to explore her and the greater world’s relationship with them before she get them “cut off.”