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Cyborgs are human beings who have implanted electronic devices in their bodies in order to extend their senses and/or enhance their capabilities or action. Technology with the potential for human enhancement is already available…
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Forget water, coal, petrol and rare earths – there is a new resource everyone wants: our time.
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Casey is a reporter, going into dangerous regions of the world; Alessandro a filmmaker from Rome. Told through their video correspondence, Inside a Box offers an unusual, amusing and heart-breaking vision of the major struggles of the last decade: Middle-East conflict, migrant crisis and economic turmoil.
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This series tells the epic story of five European railway stations: St Pancras in London, Gare de Lyon in Paris, Antwerpen Centraal, Budapest’s West Station and the Stazione Centrale in Milano are the main protagonists of each of the episodes.
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Cary Grant, one of Hollywood's greatest stars, was troubled most of his life with self-doubt and insecurity due to childhood trauma. In his fifties he began a long course of treatment, taking LSD to exorcise his demons. Using words from his unpublished autobiography, and newly-discovered personal footage he shot with a film-maker’s eye, Cary Grant explores his long journey from childhood poverty to global fame, and from darkness out into the light.
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'Letters from Baghdad' tells the remarkable story of Gertrude Bell, British adventurer, spy, archaeologist and powerful political force in the Middle-East 100 years ago.
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